May 2013 Newsletter

Issue 92 – May 2013

Contents this month:

  1. Free Guide: Blended Learning Today - new ways, new opportunities
  2. Market update: Corporate learning - what crisis? Oh, that one...
  3. Kineo insights: Launching the 2014 insights report and calling for input
  4. Totara update: 2.4 is released, join the user group session!
  5. Responsive Elearning Design with HTML 5: Join us for live webinar discussion
  6. Top tip: Design thinking - you know you should
  7. Upcoming events: eLearning Network, ASTD ICE, LT Summer Forum, eLearning Africa, Totara User Group and many more
  8. Show review: CIPD HRD London
  9. Now recruiting: become a Kineo person!

Editor's note:

May is one of those change months. So what's new? Glad you asked...

  • Blended learning. Not a new term, but one with new potential. We look at what it means today, and what the new potential is in our free guide
  • Corporate learning: in crisis? Maybe. Is that a change? Sadly not... We survey some new research that backs up our own findings - learning must try harder
  • Totara LMS: An LMS should always be changing and evolving, and we're delighted that Totara LMS is now on version 2.4. Lots of exciting new features, including the first LMS to incorporate the Open Badges standard.

More change ahead - you know you wouldn't want it any other way...


***Dates for your diary***

Conferences and shows

  • Marketing your Elearning (eLN event) - 17 May, London (UK)
  • ASTD Ice - 19-22 May, Dallas, TX (US)
  • eLearning Africa - 29-31 May, Namibia (Africa)
  • EduTECH Corporate & Learning Congress & Exhibition - 3-5 June, Brisbane (Aus)
  • Training Providers Forum - 17-18 June, Perth (Aus)
  • Learning Technologies Summer Forum - 18 June, London (UK)
  • Totara User Group Event - 18 July, London (UK)


What you need to know about HTML5 - 11 June at 4 pm GST / 10 am CST. Register here.

Blended Learning: The Hype and the Reality - 2 and 10 July

Totara Demos (via Totara) - dates available into July

Visit the Kineo Events page and contact us at to find out more and to arrange to meet us at any of the upcoming events.

Join the E-learning Professionals Group on LinkedIn: Over 7,000 of your fellow e-learning professionals are already sharing here. Ask questions, get help – find out what’s really going on in e-learning…


1. Free Guide: Blended Learning Today – new ways, new opportunities

It's far from a new term, but it's full of new potential. Blended learning is back - well, it never went away.

But what is blended learning today? With the emergence of new forms for collaboration, delivery and engagement, how does the new learning architect make sense of the options, and design for results?

In our new guide on blended learning, in conjunction with our partners the Oxford Group, we examine:

  • The new methods available
  • Real examples of effective blends
  • How 70/20/10 principles align to blend architectures
  • 10 best practices for to results-driven blend design

You can download the guide here.

Later in the year we'll share your views as part of the survey on blended learning. Can't wait to talk until then?

  • Share your thoughts in our Elearning Professionals Group here.
  • Join us for a live discussion in our upcoming blended learning webinars - email to register your interest

2. Market update: Corporate learning - what crisis? Oh, that one...

If you worked in a business function that had 20% satisfaction from CEOs, and 50% wasted effort, you might find it hard to whistle while you work. Welcome to learning. This month we look at a thought provoking article on the corporate learning crisis which suggests those figures are accurate and that there's more pressure than ever on the learning function to change.

Find out why here.

3. Kineo insights: Launching the 2014 insights report and calling for input

If there's a crisis in learning, then we need to respond to it. That inelegant segue brings us to the launch of our second annual insights report. Developed in collaboration with e.learning Age, our 2012 report was based on research from over 30 leading organisations. We developed ten best practices for the learning function.

See last year's report here.

For our 2014 report, launching later this year, we will look afresh at corporate learning. We'll examine what's changed, what trends and best practices are embedded - and what's coming next.

More here.

If you're a learning manager or HR director and you'd like to be involved - we'd love to hear from you to arrange an interview. Contact us at for more.

4. Totara update: 2.4 is released with Open Badges, join the user group session!

It's only 2 years since Totara LMS was launched. Totara LMS is a custom distribution of Moodle for the enterprise, co-developed by Kineo. Since the launch, over 200 organisations including Sony Europe, Cable & Wireless and Vodafone Ireland have seen the benefit.

We're very excited that Totara 2.4 is now released. Among its new features are the incorporation of Open Badges. Open badges are a major development in how evidence of competency is earned and awarded: we've written about them here.

Totara is the first LMS to adopt Open Badges. Find out more about Totara 2.4 and the Totara roadmap here.

Totara user group:

Are you a Totara organisation? Or interested in finding out more? Join us in July at our third Totara User Group event in London. We'll be showcasing Totara 2.4, sharing client case studies, and of course hearing from you about what you want to see in the future. It's on Thursday 18 July at our City & Guilds office in London.

Email us if you're interested in attending.

5. Responsive Elearning Design with HTML 5: Join us for live webinar discussion

Last month we shared our latest guide on how Responsive Elearning Design and HTML5 can help you deliver one version of elearning to multiple devices. We ran a webinar with over 600 attendees - sounds like you're interested. For those who missed it, we're doing it again (we can talk about this stuff all day)!

The next HTML 5 webinar is on Tuesday 11 June - register your interest at

6. Top tip: Design thinking - you know you should

Design Thinking is a bit of a trendy term these days. It's coming through in product design discussions. If it works there, can it work for learning? Our latest tip explores design thinking and how to think design. Or designer-ly. You know what we mean.

Read this month's tip here.

7. Upcoming events - eLearning Network, ASTD ICE, LT Summer Forum, eLearning Africa, Totara User Group and many more

Many days, many ways - it's always event season. In the UK:

  • eLearning Network: Marketing your E-learning -London, May 17th

As we wrote about last month, and many times before - we're always marketing, even when we call it learning. At the eLearning Network event in London on Friday 17th May, the theme is picked up. The event is called 'Marketing your E-learning'. We'll be sharing our views and showing some campaign marketing examples. Caution: excessive use of Mad Men references likely.

  • Adult Learners' Week -UK, May 20th-24th

Next week is the annual Adult Learners Week. It's a great initiative to promote workplace learning. We're doing our bit by sharing free access to a range of our "Essentials" e-learning modules for the whole week.

Email us for more details and to get free access to our Essentials courses.

  • Learning Technologies Summer Forum -London, June 18th

Join us at the first Learning Technologies Summer Forum. We'll be on stand 29 and will be showcasing some of our latest work and innovations on responsive elearning design, Totara LMS and our broader offering as part of the City & Guilds Group.

Find out more and pre-register here.

  • Totara User Group Conference- London, July 18th

We'll host our third Totara LMS user group conference at our London office on 18th July. We'll share the latest Totara 2.4 features and innovations, including Open Badges, as well as demos of Totara in action for clients, and your feedback and wishlist for future versions. The event is free and open to seasoned Totara users and people just looking to find out more.

Email us for more details and to register your interest.

We've also got a busy few months coming up internationally:

  • ASTD ICE -Dallas (TX), May 19th-22nd

Held each spring, this premier event for workplace learning and performance professionals welcomes attendees from more than 80 countries. The conference features 200 educational sessions from industry leading experts and a world-class EXPO filled with the latest product and services available from top suppliers.

  • eLearning Africa -Namibia, May 29th-31st

The annual eLearning Africa conference is in its 8th year and is the key networking venue for practitioners and professionals from Africa and all over the world who are involved in ICT for development, education and training. As well as demonstrating Totara and showcasing new learning content in the exhibition, Kineo will also be presenting on Multi-Device Learning as part of the Talking Heads session on Thursday 30 May.

  • EduTECH Corporate & Learning Congress & Exhibition -Brisbane, June 3rd-5th

How does your current learning and development model keep up with the changes in the workforce? With keynote speakers, power panel discussions and leading case-studies, EduTECH Corporate & Government Learning Congress will illustrate how your current and future workforce learns, and help you develop programmes that will continuously motivate them towards self-development.

  • Training Providers Forum -Perth, 17-18 June

Training Providers Forum is Western Australia's leading Forum on Training and Workforce Development, providing the latest updates on training and workforce development and showcase examples of innovation and good practice. This year's Forum program will focus on Sustainability, Technology and Innovation in Training and promises to be engaging and enlightening.

Find out about these events and many more on our Events pages here.

8. Show review: CIPD HRD London

Last month Kineo, and our colleagues at City & Guilds joined the great and the good from CIPD the annual HRD event in London. This is the event in CIPDs calendar that focuses specifically on the learning and development aspect of HR. It combines a conference and exhibition and also marks the release of their annual learning and talent development research report. It was great to see many of you at the stand, in the conference, and at our talk with M&S.

Find out more about how the show went here.

9. Now recruiting: become a Kineo person!

As part of a much bigger global group, we've got some major growth plans for 2013. That means more great Kineo people. Why join us?

  • Work on high profile projects for the world's biggest brands including Vodafone, Starbucks, M&S, Nikon and Sony
  • An award-winning employee benefits offer to support your wealth, health and wellbeing. This includes a defined benefit pension scheme, private medical cover, income protection, and much more
  • Fantastic career opportunities across Kineo and the City & Guilds Group in the UK and in over 80 countries, and a commitment to invest in and develop you - as you'd expect from an organisation that's been focused on people development for over 100 years
  • A great working atmosphere in a friendly and supportive team, on challenging and interesting projects, and the freedom to innovate and think creatively - with offices in the heart of Brighton, London, Sheffield - and beyond...

We're hiring in multiple roles in design, technical, support, project management and sales- come and find out more.

Make a great change in 2013 - become a Kineo person.

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