October 2012 Newsletter

Issue 85 – October 2012

Contents this month:

  1. E-learning Insights Live: Come and join us on November 15th
  2. Free guide: LMS selection and planning guide
  3. Responsive E-learning Design: Webinar recording now available
  4. Market update: Ambient Report on European E-learning
  5. T-shaped skills and thinking like DaVinci: ELIG show review
  6. Kineo insights: E-learning trends – Google searches show us the real story
  7. Top tip: Is your e-learning tactile?
  8. Kineo News: Brandon Hall Gold Award for Kineo and Warner Bros, E-learning Awards and report reminder, upcoming events

Editor's note:

It’s seven years ago this week that we sent our first newsletter out. Some of us were still in school. Some of us are still learning how to do this stuff better – well, hopefully we all are. Let’s not get retrospective or joke about seven year itches and the like. Learning is a deadly serious business and we intend to keep it that way. So this month, please enjoy playing Google Trends Bingo, understanding how E-learning is a bit like a nice carpet, and why a spreadsheet is not as good as a conversation when it comes to planning your LMS.

And if you like hearing about trends and occasionally about reality – come and join us in London on November 15th for E-learning Insights Live – we’ll have a great day.

It’s been a great seven years for us, and hopefully you’ve got something out of all the newsletters too.

Nice to share some good news too - we just won a Brandon Hall Gold Award for Compliance E-learning with Warner Bros! Congratulations to the great team at Warner Bros and our US and UK teams for their work on the project.

Well, that scratched an itch. What’s next?


***Dates for your diary***

Conferences and shows

  • DevLearn 2012: 31 Oct-2 Nov, Las Vegas, NV
  • E-learning Awards: 8 November, London, UK
  • E-learning Insights Live: November 15, London, UK
  • Learning Technologies: 29/30 January 2013, London, UK


  • RED: Responsive E-learning Design Asia Pacific Webinar: 31 October 930 AEST
  • Totara Demos (via Totara): dates available into December

Visit the Kineo Events page and contact us at events@kineo.com to find out more and to arrange to meet us at any of the upcoming events.

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1. E-learning Insights Live: Come and join us on November 15th

Whether you’ve been with us for seven years or seven minutes, you’ll know we’re always keen to share thinking on new directions in learning technologies.

Over the last few months we’ve been conducting research, in partnership with E-learning Age, on the emerging trends in the learning technologies industry. We’ve interviewed over 30 practitioners and held several sounding groups – it’s been fascinating to gather the insights and see the trends that will shape 2013 emerge.

The output will be a new report on the state of the industry which we’ll launch in a few weeks. We’re keen to talk about it and get your views. So we’re running an ‘E-learning Insights Live’ session, which will highlight a range of key trends, with guest speakers, live demos and networking opportunities.

Want to come?

Date: 15th November
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Venue: City & Guilds, 1 Giltspur Street, London, EC1A 9DD

Sessions will include:

  • Keynote from Clive Shepherd: why the future isn’t what it was, and the role of the new learning architect
  • Review of key trends from the report
  • Case studies of how the industry is responding to the new directions, including:
  • A new way with compliance: Brandon Hall Gold award winning work for Warner Bros
  • Gaming for real - how one organisation is making it happen
  • Responsive e-learning: one version that works everywhere, a new way for multi-device delivery through intelligent design
  • The new vocational landscape: City & Guilds, Kineo partner and kind hosts of the event will also provide an overview of how vocational e-learning is rising to the challenge of the new learning technologies landscape
  • Twin tracks in the afternoon for:
    • Totara User groups (you can join just for the Totara user group session if you prefer)
    • Responsive E-learning Design in depth

You’ll get a copy of our report, of course, and an opportunity to share challenges and brainstorm solutions with your colleagues and peers in Learning and Development.

Come and join us if you can – it’s free to attend but space is limited.

Complete the registration form to request a place.

2. Free guide: LMS planning and selection guide

We know it’s hard to choose an LMS. We wish it was easy and there was only one (Totara would be our recommendation but we’re slightly biased). But in that less than perfect world, we thought it’d be helpful to give some free advice on the kinds of things to consider when you’re embarking on that big LMS decision. Our free guide this month will help you think through your needs, size up the market, and get what you really want, not just tick the box for features you don’t really need.

Get the free guide here.

Like free stuff? We’ve got over 50 guides and resources right here.

3. Responsive E-learning Design: Webinar recording available

Is your job to figure out how to deliver the same e-learning to desktop, tablet and smartphone? If it isn’t now, it will be very soon. It’s been a bit complex up to now. But things are going to get simpler – and better. We’ve worked hard to keep it very simple: instead of developing multiple apps, flash and html versions that are different for each device, we think you should have one version of your e-learning that works everywhere. And now you can.

Last month we launched RED in a webinar with the Learning and Skills Group. It got their highest attendance ever for a webinar – which shows more than a few people are interested in a better way with mobile learning.

If you missed it – you can view the recording view a recording here.

Find out more about Responsive E-Learning Design (RED). And of course it’ll be a big part of the discussion on Nov 15th.

The future is bright – in fact, it’s RED.

If you’re in Asia Pacific, you can join a live RED webinar on October 31st – find out more here.

4. Market update: Ambient Insight report

Ambient Insight have been analysing the E-learning Market for, well, about as long as we have. Their new report is out, and it makes for an interesting prognosis of where the market is headed. We share the main findings in this month’s market update, here.

5. T-shaped skills and thinking like DaVinci: ELIG show review

Earlier in October we went to the bright, wet lights of Dublin for the ELIG annual conference. We met some great people and took away seven key lessons. Some of them are about Sputnik; it’s only fair to warn you.

Read our show report here.

6. Kineo insights: E-learning trends – Google searches show us the real story

Reading reports and going to conferences is one way of finding out what’s happening in the market – but is there a better way? Our resident trend analyser (and trendsetter) Steve Rayson has had a play with Google Trends to see how some of the buzzwords in our little industry have fared. Turns out it tells you a lot about what’s hot and what’s ...well, not. Warning: Some of these graphs may cause motion sickness. Or trend envy.

7. Top tip: is your e-learning tactile?

Great e-learning – you just want to pick it up and rub it against your face. Are we alone here? Oh. Well, let’s see if we Cammy Bean can change your mind:

Get the top tip here.

Find the rest of our top tips here.

Or let our top tips find their way to you through our free Top Tips app on the App Store.

8. Kineo updates: Brandon Hall Gold award, Kineo growth, E-learning Awards and report reminder, upcoming events, now hiring...

Our relentless round up of all things recent and upcoming:

Brandon Hall Gold award: Warner Bros and Kineo win!

We were delighted to be recently awarded a Brandon Hall Gold for our work with Warner Bros. for Best in Compliance Training for our suite of e-learning modules and awareness rising. It’s been a fantastic project and group of people to work with. Here’s hoping we can make it a double at the E-learning Awards this month. Speaking of which...

E-learning Awards Nov 8th – seven nominations for Kineo, come and get the report

The annual E-learning Awards are just two weeks away. We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for seven awards this year. Hopefully we’ll see many of you on the night (we’re talking to you, our readers, not subliminally to the awards, just for clarity).

It’s not all about the awards on the 8th: We’ve been working with the team at E-learning Age and L&D leaders to create a comprehensive report on the state of the learning industry in 2012. We’re looking forward to launching it at the E-learning Awards – come along, get your copy, and of course, come back for more on Nov 15th for our discussion day around the report.

Upcoming events

Event season is coming at us. And we’re coming your way, wherever you are:

  • NZATD Conference (NZ)
  • Learning 3.0 Conference (Chicago, US)
  • DevLearn2012 (US)
  • Boston Area Brainshark Conference (US)
  • ASTD Boston Conference (US)
  • Learning Technologies (UK)
  • ASTD TechKnowledge (US)

Visit the Kineo Events page for further details and our full events schedule.

Now hiring

We’re looking for passionate, creative, enthusiastic people to join us as:

  • Solutions consultants (sales role)
  • Senior project managers
  • Project Managers (Sheffield)
  • HR manager
  • Flash-based graphic designers
  • E-learning Project Managers
  • E-learning designers
  • Front-end developers
  • PHP developers
  • Software testers
  • Support Engineers

View all Kineo vacancies here. No agencies please.

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