September 2006 Newsletter

Issue 11 – September 2006

Contents this month:

  1. Free briefing: 7 angles on rapid e-learning
  2. Audio Interview: Donald Clark, Ufi board member
  3. Ideas: FT’s business education booklist
  4. Rapid authoring tool road test: Rapid eL
  5. Age awareness: 10 days to go
  6. E-learning market update
  7. New Diversity e-learning programme
  8. Introducing Kineo in 2 minutes

Editor's note:


Welcome to Kineo’s September’s newsletter.

We’re heading into the period where things change: people return from summer holidays and resolve to look at things anew. E-learning should be no different.

For several months now, Kineo has been focused on a new way of doing e-learning: Rapid e-learning. We’re pleased to note that many other e-learning commentators and companies agree that rapid e-learning is a now a must-do. Next month, Kineo will launch a new rapid e-learning offering that will change how you look at e-learning. We give you a taste of where it’s headed in this month’s free briefing.

Donald Clark knows a few things about doing e-learning right. This month we interview the ex-CEO of Epic, now “free from the tyranny of employment” as he put it. Anyone who’s heard him speak will know he’s not shy of controversy. If you’re ready for some brutal honesty on e-learning, you cannot miss this month’s podcast interview.

With a market update, a new authoring tool road test, and more, I hope that this month’s newsletter will keep you engaged as we head towards a big date in Kineo’s – and rapid e-learning’s development.

We are proud to include 7 FTSE 100 companies in the ever-growing list of clients who we’ve supported with rapidly designed and delivered e-learning solutions. Find out how we can help you at Kineo Services.

If you have ideas for future newsletters, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at



1. Kineo Briefing: 7 Angles on Rapid E-learning

The benefits of rapid e-learning are clear enough: lower cost, more rapid response to learner needs, faster development, and more control for subject matter experts and training departments. What’s not so clear is what you need to do to reap those benefits. In what could become murky territory, Kineo shines a light on rapid e-learning. In this month’s briefing, we share 7 angles to consider for rapid e-learning. Get it here.

Next month, Kineo will launch the most comprehensive rapid e-learning offering available anywhere, to ensure you reap the benefits of rapid e-learning. For a taste of our thinking, go to:

2. Audio interview: Donald Clark

If you’re going to talk about e-learning, you have to talk about Donald Clark. Or better still - talk to him. As the ex-CEO of Epic and current director of Ufi, he has spent over 20 years at the forefront of e-learning and technology in the UK. Sometimes champion of new technologies, sometimes iconoclast, always engaging: teachers and trainers of a sensitive nature may want to look away….

Listen to the podcast here:

3. Ideas: FT’s business education booklist

We recently sent the intrepid Steve Rayson for a well-earned break to San Francisco. He spent it reading business books…that’s dedication for you. He was pleased (and surprised) to find that several of his picks ended up on the Financial Times Best Business Education Book shortlist of 2006. We share their shortlist with you here.

4. Rapid authoring tool road test: Rapid eL

Like us, Donald believes that authoring tools on their own will not make you an e-learning designer. If the fundamentals aren’t in place, a tool won’t fix the problem. Next month, Kineo will unveil a revolutionary way of ensuring your rapid e-learning is built on solid foundations. At the same time said, choosing the right tool is a key aspect of your rapid approach. We continue our series of road testing rapid e-learning authoring tools this month with a tour of Brianvisa’s Rapid eL tool.

Read what we thought of Rapid eL, and see a demo of what it can do out of the box here:

5. Age 2006: ten days to go

You can now literally count the hours to October 1st, the date on which Employment Equality (Age) Regulations will make it unlawful to discriminate against workers, employees, job seekers and trainees because of their age. Have you figured out how you’re going to raise awareness in your organisation? If you’re an employer, you need to take action. Kineo can help. We have produced a set of resources including a 30 minute e-learning module to help organisations prepare for the new Age Regulations.

The Home Office, BUPA, ntl, Citizens Advice and others have chosen Kineo’s Age Awareness solution. See why by reviewing this short interactive briefing:

For the latest updates on age discrimination issues, visit:

6. E-learning market update

In the long hot summer of e-learning, the doldrums never came (for us, anyway). Steve Rayson analyses who’s been up to what in the e-learning market. We’re not predicting a quiet autumn either….

Read it here.

7. New Diversity e-learning programme

In October, you must consider how you are going to raise awareness about the new age regulations. Why not take this opportunity to raise awareness of the other key aspects of diversity too? Now you can with Kineo’s new Diversity Awareness e-learning. In response to customer requests, we’ve taken engaging approach that’s worked in our in Age Awareness e-learning and applied it to key aspects of diversity, including age, in a single programme. Find out more here:

8. New E-skills survey: E-learning in the workplace:

The people at E-Skills for Business do good work. They’re currently running a survey on the impact of e-learning on the workplace. If you participate as an employer, you’ll get a personal report benchmarking your responses against 20 key success factors – a good return on your time.

9. Introducing Kineo in 2 minutes

Kineo is the leading rapid e-learning specialist. Our goal is to help you accelerate performance through rapid e-learning. We’ve partnered with some of the best organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors including 7 FTSE 100 companies. See an excerpt from our client list here:

We can help you with:

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • We work with clients to develop strategic approaches to rapid learning and performance improvement.
  • Rapid E-learning Development
  • We develop and deliver fast, focused and effective rapid e-learning solutions.
  • Rapid E-learning Support
  • We provide a range of additional support services including podcasting, resource placement and tools procurement advice.
  • Rapid Capability Building
  • We help develop capability in your e-learning team to ensure they can develop and deliver the rapid e-learning and performance solutions you need.
  • Hosting and Delivery

We provide rapid, cost-effective solutions through tailored and hosted learning management systems.

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