Adapt to the future [PODCAST]

Tune in as we discuss the Adapt project - A framework, an authoring tool and a blossoming community… Where is Adapt going next, and how can you be involved?



  • Paul Westlake, Solutions Consultant
  • Tom Taylor, Open-Source Learning Technologies Developer
  • Oliver Foster, Learning Technical Consultant
  • Pete Smith, Technical Team Lead

Episode breakdown

00:30 - What is Adapt?
00:50 - What is the Adapt framework?
01:25 - What is open-source?
02:26 - Does open-source mean we lose quality control?
03:25 - What made us develop Adapt in the first place?
04:40 - How does Adapt differ from other authoring tools?
05:28 - Why would we give it away for free?
06:34 - Who owns Adapt?
07:00 - How the Adapt community benefit our clients?
08:00 - Is there an active development roadmap?
09:24 - Future Adapt updates?
10:18 - What have we added in the last 18 months?
11:45 - Where can I get the Adapt authoring tool?
12:50 - Where can I get support?
14:00 - Do we use the Adapt authoring tool in our own projects?
15:14 - Are there any limitations to the authoring tool?
16:13 - What's next with Adapt?

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