Blended Learning That Works For Leadership [GUIDE]

Blended Learning That Works For LeadershipIt's about:

Helping organisations use blended learning to develop and train the leaders of tomorrow, whilst bridging the skills gap for the leaders of today.

It's aimed at:

L&D managers who want to see better results from their leadership training.


Looking for better leaders, but don't have the learning solutions in place to engage or stimulate them?

Use a blended learning approach to foster leadership skills in your organisation and start bridging the skills gap.

Download Leadership: Blended Learning That Works and you will:

  • Learn about the types of blended models that work for leadership training
  • Discover the 5 vital elements of an effective leadership blend
  • Understand the 7 key challenges organisations face with leadership development
  • See best-in-class examples of learning blends for leadership that have worked for City & Guilds Kineo's clients 

Develop your existing managers whilst growing the skills of the leaders of tomorrow using blended learning.

Download Blends That Work For Leadership