Bridging the L&D Divide [REPORT]

It's about:Bridging The L&D Divide

Insights for how businesses can move towards a more collaborative approach for their learning and development, increasing the return on investment for training.

It's aimed at:

Heads of HR or Learning & Development who want to increase efficiency in their organisation by encouraging collaboration.


We've interviewed over 200 participants about their experiences and opinions of collaboration in their organisation's training.

According to our latest report, over half of UK businesses have two or more different teams taking responsibility for learning & development (L&D), often leading to confusion and lack of cohesion. 

Our research shows that organisations with more integrated L&D strategies see better results and realise dramatic cost savings.

Through our work helping to improve learning and development in organisations across the globe, we identified that there is often a divide between HR & L&D functions, with little collaboration between the two. We commissioned this report to find out why this happens, how common it is, and to identify potential benefits to organisations who encourage collaboration in L&D.

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