Compliance Elearning: Doing it Right [GUIDE]

It's about:

Making compliance elearning more effective.

It's aimed it:

In-house designers and training managers who want to create or commission better compliance elearning.

Compliance Elearning Guide

Is your compliance training connecting with employees? Is your content relevant and engaging? Are you having the impact you need and the results you’re seeking?

Regulatory elearning, license to practice, compliance elearning: you can call it what you want – but you know you need to do it. It’s never had the most shining of reputations in the elearning firmament. It’s easy to get it wrong.

In our new guide, we take a fresh look at how to put it right, and explore:

  • The challenges of compliance training
  • Questions to ask before you begin your design
  • A new generation of design tips for compliance elearning

Download Compliance Elearning: Doing It Right Guide

You can also view a recent webinar recording on compliance below or on our YouTube channel.

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