Confessions of an L&D manager: “I just spent $1M – and I don’t know if I made a difference!” [GUIDE]

It's about:

Managing learning and training as a business investment.

It's aimed at:

L&D managers and professionals looking to design a training solution that has a lasting, measurable impact.



Learning and development is about more than producing engaging material – you want it to have a lasting effect on the business. Consider this: Only 8% of Fortune 500 CEOs have any insight into how their L&D programs affect their overall company. Once the training is complete, most just hope it did the trick and move on. How do you know if your L&D worked in the long run?

Transitioning to a business-centric model can help you design a training program that produces measurable results, bridging the gap between L&D and senior leadership. Explore this guide to get the latest tips on how to design L&D programs that will last beyond the learning itself.

Read this guide to discover:

  • A two-step approach to designing a proficiency journey
  • The five-step journey learners go through
  • Why and how it works