Engaging Your Learners: Compliance Best Practice Guide

compliance-best-practice-guide-cover-01It's about:

Designing better compliance training programs that engage employees.

It's aimed at:

L&D professionals and Compliance Officers looking to design compliance training that has a real impact.



Compliance training is a must, yet it seems to be a tricky area that many companies struggle with. A course is created with a purposeful intent, but learners don't always care about that intent, especially when it is delivered in a mundane way. They zone out, go through the motions and move on to the next task of the day. It's as if your training never happened. The only proof you have is that the box was checked.

We owe it to learners and our organisations to create better learning programs that make a real impact. Explore our newest guide to get the latest tips on how to better engage your learners for lasting behavior change.

Using this guide you'll discover:

  • Tips to consider before you begin the compliance design process
  • How to incorporate stories into your compliance design
  • Tips for sharpening your course content and making each screen count.