Induction: A Blended Approach [GUIDE]

It's about:

Best practice in blend design of onboarding, orientation and induction.

It's aimed at:

L&D teams and learning designers, specifically responsible for designing onboarding. 


Induction, new hire orientation, onboarding: by whatever name you use, it's a challenging learning solution to get right. But it's critical to make that positive first impression with learners.

Our free guide shares examples and practical advice for making the most of your approach to orientation.

Even in the current climate, savvy organisations know you still need - more than ever, really – to attract and retain great people. Your approach to induction is in the front line in the war for talent. What kind of first impression are you creating? Are you exploring the potential of e-learning and a portal approach within your induction to extend your reach? What about the new potential for reaching and connecting with people that Web 2.0 approaches provide?

 Our free guide looks at:

  • The challenges of induction
  • Elements to consider in a blended approach
  • Case studies of blended induction in practice
  • Web 2.0 elements to extend your reach

Download Induction: A Blended Approach