Onboarding For Results: Best Practice Guide

Onboarding for Results: best Practice Guide (2014)It's about:

Creating the right onboarding programme for new-hires.

It's aimed at:

L&D, Training, and HR managers looking at improving their onboarding process and reducing staff churn. 

Revised edition: June 2016


We all want to attract, retain and develop the best talent for our businesses.  The onboarding process plays a vital role in this. And yet so often it fails to make the impact necessary.

This guide takes a broader look at the subject of new-hire onboarding to examine the business case for getting it right and the potential disconnect between employer and new joiner needs.

We offer a helpful framework for creating better onboarding, with practical examples and advice to help you put together your programs:

  • Why onboard?
  • Structuring onboarding experiences – in practice
  • 10 must-dos for designing onboarding experiences
  • Onboarding in action

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Emma Samm | 11th February, 2015

Great article and super helpful!