50 Ideas for Free Elearning

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50 ideas for free (or extremely cheap) elearning  - our first and most read report.

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Everyone who likes free stuff... 


Read our 50 ideas for free elearning and discover some great tools and tricks of the trade.

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What are the core learning needs that lots of people have? They might be induction, health and safety, or new equalities regulations. These are the ones where you can make a large impact using scaleable technology. At the same time, the availability of free or low cost learning technologies mean you can build flexibility into learning programs and do much more for low investment.

When you have identified your learning needs decide which ones are suitable for which technologies. Audio learning might be particularly suitable for dispersed audiences, wikis are great for letting groups of professionals share and learn, blogs are great for capturing expert’s tips and insights and any systems training is ideal for screen capture tools. Ensure, however, that the right technology is used for the right learning intervention, or it could all go to pot.

In this report we list the free tools you can use in your armory to develop blended and elearning for next to nothing. Choose the ones that best fit your circumstances and develop your own instructionally sound content as part of your technology enabled learning strategy.

Don’t try to develop everything yourself. You have a whole workforce out there. Enable them to develop their own content with easy to use tools and infrastructure. Put in the framework for them to create, categorize and share content and you will be able to deliver more learning, quicker and to more people.

Bring your learning together in a learning portal on the internet. Cheap hosting and free tools allow you to create a password protected learning site in a few days or set up a free open source Learning Management System such as Moodle.

Download 50 Ideas for Free Elearning Report