Blended Learning: Current Use, Challenges and Best Practices [REPORT]

It's about:

Blended learning and its use in businesses today

It's aimed at:

L&D/Training managers looking to improve on their blended learning solutions


We recently partnered with global training providers The Oxford Group to take a look at the state of blended learning today by conducting a survey of organisations throughout the world. This is the report they produced with us.

We also produced a handy free guide to designing blended learning - in which we outline our 10 top tips for designing blends.

There's currently a lot of hype around the topic, but what is the reality? How are organisations really using blended learning, and what results are they producing?

The survey provided some interesting insights around these questions and we're now able to bring you the findings which have been assembled into a report by The Oxford Group.

In addition to providing a background to the research, the report explores the current use, challenges and best practices being faced by organisations:

  • How blended learning is used in different organisations
  • How blends vary with different learner populations
  • What trends are there in the use of blended learning

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