Doing Assessment Right [GUIDE]

It's about:

Why to use assessments and how to make the most of them when you do.

It's aimed it:

In-house assessment teams


Too often we all encounter e-learning assessments that have not moved on much from the way we didn’t learn in school.

Most elearning tests are not an indicator of anything much other than short term memory recall, and we’ll all a little too long out of school to care much about that. In this guide we try to fix that.

We look at:

  • Why and when we need to use assessments
  • Five design principles for assessments
  • How to make the most of different question types and approaches
  • Examples of assessment in action
  • Which types of assessment are right for different learning needs
  • When and how to deliver the assessment – including mobile

Watch out for the test at the end. Not really...

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