Energy Sector Insights [REPORT]

It's about:

Current trends and best practices in the energy sector.

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HR, training and learning teams who work in the energy sector.

Energy Sector Insights

Few sectors evolve at the pace of the energy sector. Technology, environmental, and regulatory changes mean that nothing has stayed as it was five years ago in this sector. Added to this, the response needed to high profile events such as Deepwater Horizon, preparing for crew change an ageing population coming up to retirement in some parts of the sector, and you have some serious operational challenges. Where those exist, there’s a learning and development need.

So what does the L&D professional operating in this sector need to do about all of this? You want answers. But first, teasingly, we need to ask some questions.

Kineo has worked in the Energy Sector with key clients for over six years, with clients including BP, Total Oil and many more. We ask our clients lots of questions about what keeps them awake and what needs to change and evolve. We’ve shared our insights and the results of our recent survey.

We’ve asked these questions of our clients, and we think you might want to ask them of your organisation too.  So consider this a checklist to help you gauge your readiness for the next wave of change in this sector.

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