HTML5 - A Quick Guide to Planning for a Multi-Device World [GUIDE]

Planning for a multi-device World

It's about:

What you need to consider when developing learning to be used on multiple devices.

It's aimed at:

In-house elearning designers/developers; gets a little technical in places


You don’t need us to tell you that you’re living in a multi-device world. The ELearning Guild in the US estimates that over 70% of employees use personal mobile devices at work.

So, what are you doing to get learning to those devices? Our new free guide looks at:

  • How to plan for a multi-device world
  • What to do with all of the content you already have
  • How Responsive Elearning Design and HTML5 can move you forward 

With smartphone and tablet markets exploding, mobile delivery is quickly becoming a consideration for employee training and performance support.

Download HTML5: Planning For a Multi-Device World Guide

So you've decided that multi-device delivery is the way forward, but how do you find the right authoring tool to deliver across multiple platforms? We've got a guide for that too - Choosing Authoring Tools for Multi-Device Delivery.

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