Learning Insights 2015 [REPORT]

It's about:Bridging The L&D Divide

Re-establishing your sense of direction in today's digital blizzard with key insights from over 35 L&D professionals.

It's aimed at:

L&D professionals who want to prepare their learning and development strategy to meet the needs of their learners and business. 


There is a wealth of technology and resources that exists today. To keep from getting overwhelmed or side-tracked by the next big thing, find your true north by focusing on what's really important.

Partnering up with Learning Technologies, City & Guilds Kineo interviewed leading L&D professionals to uncover the latest industry trends. This report provides you with:

  • the implications of how technologies and expectations have changed and over the last 10 years
  • the leading factors that are driving change in the workplace
  • the challenges the L&D field is facing but is struggling to address
  • what you can do to be ready for change in L&D in 2016.