Learning Insights 2014 [REPORT]

Learning Insights Report 2014It's about:

Helping L&D professionals understand how they can add business value through learning.

It's aimed at:

L&D professionals who want to make the the most of their learning in 2015, whilst delivering business results.


In association with our friends at e.learning age, we've interviewed over 35 global organisations to produce our annual Learning Insights Report.

This year's report highlights the key trend of adding business value through learning. What changes do we need to implement in L&D over the next year? What are the key emerging L&D trends for 2015, and what can you do to get your strategy to align with them?  

Get your copy of the 2014 Learning Insights Report and: 

  • Understand how learning technologies have changed over the past year 
  • Learn about the challenges global organisations are facing, and key steps to help solve them
  • Find out the key areas of change you need to implement in your organisation in 2015

Start your L&D strategy on the right foot in 2015 by adding business value to your organisation through learning. 

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We also have our most recent edition of Learning Insights (2015) which can be accessed below.



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