Learning Models: Blueprints for Designers [GUIDE]

It's about:

Learning models that bring best practice into your design.

It's aimed at:

Learning designers mainly, but anyone who needs to know what good learning design looks like.


The most impressive learning designs draw from best principles of adult learning theory, take a card from marketing and advertising, and ultimately result in effective programs that inform, instruct, and perhaps even change behaviours.

But how do you get there? We’ve identified a core set of learning design models to help internal teams. Even inexperienced practitioners can quickly understand these models and easily apply them to the vast majority of learning requirements that come their way.

Free Guide: Learning Models

These models combine some of the best principles and leading practices gained from our years of research and experience. They can give your internal teams a shared vocabulary and point of view and ensures every program has a solid instructional design strategy at its foundation.

Health warning: They aren’t a set of cookie cutters or templates that you lay onto every project without thinking, but rather a starting point; you can blend and mix and match models depending on the specific requirements of each project. This means you can design unique approaches to transferring and building knowledge from a number of proven, best practice components.

If you’re new to the realm of e-learning design, or well experienced but looking for some new directions and inspiration, these models will help extend your knowledge.

Download Learning Models: Blueprints for Designers