Life after the launch of your LMS [WEBINAR]

It's about:

Everything you need to know about the post-implementation of your LMS.

It's aimed at:

L&D professionals who want to ensure their LMS will carry on being useful well after the go-live day. 


A great LMS system strategy can help you support and drive your learning strategy. By thinking beyond the date your LMS goes live, you can help future-proof your system and plan for an evolving strategy that adapts to meet your needs. 

In this webinar we'll explore the five key areas of a learning system strategy you need to address to ensure your LMS is a success:

  • How you can evolve your LMS and plan the future of the system
  • How to drive traffic to your system and encourage engagement
  • Who will look after the system once it's gone live and what skills they need
  • How the system will be supported.

Get the recording to this webinar and get an effective system strategy that aligns with your L&D strategy.