Lights, camera, interaction: making interactive video work for learning [GUIDE]

It's about:

How interactive video can be a powerful tool for creating engaging learning that really works - without breaking the bank.

It's aimed at:

L&D professionals looking for new and engaging ways to deliver their content.



With advances in technology, interactive video has recently burst into the limelight, but is it right for your learning needs? From induction to sales and product training, we're sharing our best ideas on how and in what situations you should branch into interactive video to move your learners from passive viewing to active engagement.

Using this guide you'll discover:

  • what types of learning work well delivered as interactive video
  • ideas on how to use interactive video for different learning needs
  • top tips for delivering interactive video without breaking the bank
  • tried and tested formats and templates
  • examples of interactive video in action.

Add some sparkle to your videos with interactive features and make a real impact.