Making the most of digital transformation [PODCAST]

Our third episode is here, and this month we tackle the topic of digital transformation. We'll explore the options open to you and give some tips to how you can keep up with learner expectations and make the most of rapidly changing technology.



Episode breakdown

00:30 - What does digital transformation mean?
01:48 - What motivates businesses?
02:47 - Are L&D teams behind the curve?
05:46 - Voluntary vs. Involuntary learners
06:39 - Less courses, more resources
09:15 - Learning content and the smart phone
10:47 - How do you maintain trust?
15:41 - Is it the death of blends?
19:24 - Why is there all this talk about digital transformation now?

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Greig Ward | 17th May, 2017

Love the initiative of the 'panel' to discuss and debate the topic, providing more insight and varying perspectives.