Social learning: how it works in the workplace [WHITEPAPER]

It's about:

The factors that define and influence modern social learning and how you can capitalise upon it for workplace learning.

It's aimed at:

HR, talent management and L&D professionals looking to understand social learning and to create a collaborative learning culture in their organisation.



Social learning is nothing new. In this paper we have taken a look back at research into how humans learn and what it means to learn socially. Using this as a basis, we examine what that can mean for modern workplace learning - and whether technology and social media has a part to play.

Read the paper to discover:

  • our natural instincts to learn from others and share our own knowledge
  • how this is happening already in the workplace
  • how other organisations are using social learning and whether it's working
  • what this means in relation to 70:20:10
  • how you can best cultivate and nurture a social, collaborative culture.