Support your learners 100% of the way with social learning [PODCAST]

The Kineo team is back and this time we're discussing social learning. Listen in as we discuss some of the bigger questions - what is social learning? What are the misconceptions around it? How can it fit within the workplace?



Episode breakdown

00:22 - What do we mean by social learning?
00:59 - How do we see social fitting in the workplace?
04:22 - Where does social learning fit within the 70/20/10 model?
05:48 - What are people doing in the workplace at the moment?
07:43 - What are the barriers of social learning?
10:07 - Can organisations create a community of trust?
10:47 - How do you maintain trust?
14:44 - What are L&D's concerns?
16:06 - Is it an ecosystem of smaller social securities?
17:26 - How do you make social learning a success?

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