The death of Flash [PODCAST]

This week, the team discuss the much publicised death of Flash, from a designer, technical and end user perspective.



  • Paul Westlake, Solutions Consultant
  • Pete Smith, Technical Team Lead
  • Kirsty Hames, Front End Developer
  • Tom Adams, Senior Lead Learning Designer

Episode breakdown

00:22 - How does the death of Adobe Flash affect elearning?
02:33 - What’s the danger of having existing Flash courses?
03:14 - Why are browsers stopping supporting Flash?
04:10 - How have clients requirements changed with HTML5?
06:50 - Can you easily convert old Flash courses into HTML5?
08:45 - How accessible was Flash?
10:05 - Has HTML5 become the standard?
11:20 - What could we do with Flash that we can’t with HTML5?
14:38 - How do I get started with converting my Flash courses into HTML5?

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