The future of video is interactive [PODCAST]

Introducing Kineo’s stream of thought - our monthly podcast that features informal chat from the Kineo team about all things L&D. Hear our latest thinking and be inspired by ideas from our experts.

Join us for our first episode where we talk about all things interactive video. Find out what it really is and how you can make the most out of interactive video within your business.



Episode breakdown

00:36 - What do we mean by interactive video?
01:38 - Is a traditional branching video, interactive video?
02:05 - When would we use interactive video?
02:22 - Where does it work well?
03:20 - Could you fit interactive video within traditional elearning?
04:25 - How can you use hotspots?
05:47 - How are we working around bandwidth issues with interactive video?
09:34 - When do you think video would be a good fit?
11:30 - Do you think there's a perception of video being expensive?
12:50 - Can you make existing video interactive?
13:35 - What else can we do with interactive video?
17:29 - What technology is required to play interactive video?
18:33 - What tracking can we add tracking to interactive video?
19:32 - Where do we see interactive video going in the future?

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