What's next for LMS [PODCAST]

The team discuss the prematurely reported “death of the LMS”, where they see platforms going next, and how some of their clients are already blazing a trail towards a “next-gen” experience for their learners.



Episode breakdown

00:25 - The purpose of an LMS
01:06 - Learners' perceptions
02:00 - Next generation learning
02:52 - Learners' expectations
03:47 - Tailoring your content to your learners
05:19 - Learners' incentives
06:49 - Invisible to the end user
07:14 - Taking the learning to where the learner is
08:45 - What are L&D departments asking for?
10:45 - Artificial intelligence
14:03 - How to improve your current LMS

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Ian Crawford | 27th July, 2017

Good debate on LMS. I would certainly like to see LMSs to be more fluid in recording any L&D that user accesses - even through mobile technology

Paul Westlake | 8th August, 2017

Hi Ian - absolutely, there's plenty of room for progression in the market. With the advent of xAPI this is becoming more and more of a reality as well. Do you think there is an appetite within the market for this right now, or do organisations need to evolve as well as the technology itself?