Applying Top Trends: A Lesson (and Tips) on Practical Application

As headline sponsors of this year’s Learning Technologies Conference, January 29-30 at Olympia 2, London, Elearning Company of the Year, City & Guilds Kineo offered one lucky learning and development professional a free ticket to the event.

Participants were asked to share practical ways in applying one of the 10 learning technology trends as outlined in the latest Learning Insights Report. The results were insightful and demonstrated that learning professionals are engaging with more open and collaborative approaches to learning and development in the workplace.

So there are 10 great new trends – but how do you make them practical in 2014? Here’s what you could be doing:

Delivering for Pervasive Learning:
Use Market Research Teams to Find Out More About Your Learners and Their Needs

As one of the contest entrants mentioned, “It is too easy to be dazzled by the wide range of attractive online approaches to delivering education using technology.” If that’s the case, it’s time to start at the very beginning. Understanding your learners’ online habits can help determine what type of learning is best suited for them. You don’t need to spend all your budget on extensive research and data analysts – a well-thought out survey (using any number of the free survey resources available online) sent out to your target learners can provide useful insight. Understanding the way they use technology both inside and outside the workplace can wholly assist your team in discovering what type of learning methods to use moving forwards.

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Designing Higher Empathy in Learning:
Nurture a Community of Practice, Provide a Secure Platform and Encourage Participants to Share their Experiences

As mentioned in the Learning Insights Report, there is a need to focus on personalising the learner’s experience whilst understanding their position and challenges. One of the entrants suggested creating an open forum through a range of activities and effective moderation, which was based on his positive experience with enabling a similar workshop. This gives the learners an opportunity to share their experiences, and challenges of real life situations. A controlled environment, paired with effective communication and moderation, can lead to powerful empathy, advice and insight. This approach can ultimately help learners adapt their own practice based on hearing real life scenarios.

Empower Frontline Managers to Coach and Provide Feedback Through 360 Measurements

Line managers, at the end of the day, are just as important as the learners they’re managing. But as we mentioned, they remain critical in high empathy learning. So how can you fix this? As one contest entrant suggested, the key here is to start from the top of the hierarchical chain – prepare line managers early on. Determine how they are involved with the development and implementation of the learning solution in advance, and get them prepared for everything involved. Leave nothing left unknown. Aim to develop their skills to transform them from leader into teacher and, to help them facilitate learning solutions to the highest degree.

Don’t think you can go at it alone? Take a look at Leadership Management Solutions.

Where the Web Goes, Learning Will Follow:
Catch Up with the Latest Developments of Media Manipulation to Create Interactive Videos

Technology moves fast, that’s a given, but what moves even faster is the content and tools available in the wild world of the internet. An international entrant suggests that staying ahead of the latest developments of media manipulation can help your team develop interactive content that creates a buzz amongst your users and stakeholders. Thinking further outside of the box? Have your learners create their own conceptual videos by sourcing the content themselves, and allow them to have that pervasive learning experience. Try it out yourself on Popcorn.js. It’s a free tool that sources open content from Flickr, YouTube and other sites, and allows users to create a HTML5 friendly timeline based web productions. Give it a whirl, you might just have some fun.

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