You can blink, but you won't miss it.

We love it. One of the best examples of an online community that really works. A fantastic blend of simplicity and great functionality make this site zing.

What's the Big Idea?

Flickr is a photographers' community which accommodates all tastes and abilities. At its most simple, it's an online photo album which you can share privately with friends and family. But it's also so much more.

For the braver or more brazen, you can take your photos public and affiliate your photos with one or more of the 1000s of interest groups. Some thrive, others die. That's the joy of Flickr.

The simplicity is a real plus. Managing your own photos is a breeze, from uploading to cataloguing. You can browse your photos using a calendar, add tags and comments to photos and group them in sets. You can pinpoint parts of photos and label or comment on them.

Two things that really make Flickr fly.

One. The people. The community is alive with groups and individuals all posting not only photos, but blogs and comments about theirs and other photos.  It's a vibrant online place which is powered and governed by its members.

Two. 'Interesting'. It's Flickr's inbuilt tool for bringing out a not so random selection of exceptional photos each day. Think of it as pot luck with an edge. You'll find it under 'Explore.'

What's in it for learning?

Well, with all the hype about learning communities, nothing comes close to Flickr in terms of membership and volume of interaction. Sure, it's a leisure focused community, but it's also about learning. There's plenty of critique and advice for all kinds of photographic pursuit. It gives a really interesting model for the organic growth of a knowledge base.

We also think it shows how sustainable, value-adding communities can be built, not driven by technology, but made easy and fun with technology.



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