Webinars & Virtual Classroom Design

City and Guilds Kineo can help you make your webinars and virtual classrooms more effective by designing engaging interactive group sessions and ensuring you make a strong visual impact.

Webinars and virtual classrooms – what’s the difference?

Webinars are typically ‘broadcast’ models where a key message or overview/update is delivered to an audience, usually with a Q&A element. They’re often used to give updates on product and service information to sales and service teams, or to kickstart a new initiative or programme.

Virtual Classrooms differ from the pure broadcast webinar model in the fact that the interactions are richer than simply having a concurrent chat while a facilitator essentially runs through a presentation, answering queries along the way. These interactions resemble much more the richness of the group discussions and syndicate work that the best face-to-face events provide.


Why use webinars and virtual classrooms?

Is it the best of both worlds? Webinars and virtual classrooms offer a flexible way of offering the group interactions that allow more socialising and sharing than elearning, without incurring the disruption and travel costs that come with face-to-face delivery.

They also give a real opportunity for deeper exploration of topics and a more inclusive process of group work where the more introverted participants can have an equal voice through use of chats and polling.


When to use them

Webinars and virtual classrooms can act as core milestone events within a blended learning programme, as they can be used to:

  • Introduce the overall programme (perhaps with a senior manager involved)
  • Supplement or replace face-to-face training sessions
  • Enable subject matter experts to share their knowledge and expertise (with the chance for learners to ask questions along the way)
  • Host virtual learning sets making it easy for people to brainstorm issues with peers
  • Sustain participation within an overall blended programme, encouraging learners to return and share insights / action learning with peers and experts.


Our webinar and virtual classroom services

We have designed webinar and virtual classroom solutions for organisations including BP and KPMG. Our design team can provide the skills transfer or design input needed to put together engaging and effective virtual sessions. We can:

  • Design sessions and create facilitator guides
    with professionally produced slides and images

  • Review your existing webinars
    or virtual classrooms and make recommendations for enhancing them

  • Train your teams
    to design and deliver effective webinars and virtual classrooms.

We can design virtual classrooms as part of an overall blend or as a discrete learning approach. Contact us to find out more about how we can support you.


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