Blended Learning

Blended learning is about combining different modes of learning to create a comprehensive learning experience. We’ll work with you to design and develop blended learning solutions that includes webinars, virtual communities, classrooms, coaching, elearning, assessment, and qualifications or accreditation.

Where we can help

Our blended learning services include:

  • Blended needs analysis and design
    Through quantitative interviewing, gathering your needs, analysing your audiences and their working environment we can produce the right fit blend design for you and your learners. Our Learning consultants have years of experience in producing the ultimate blend design.

  • Comprehensive programme management
    Blend design is not just about the idea but also about the development of the various blend components, whether online or offline activities. Our experiences programme managers can ensure that all the components are delivered to the desired standard, budget and on time. Let us take the pressure off you.

  • The platform
    A great blend is not just about the design of the learning activities or the order they happen in but also ensuring the routes through the blend are learner friendly and add to the learners experience and engagement. Whether you have an LMS you would like us to design the blend around or you would like us to provide you with a portal/LMS that makes the best of your blend we have the technology and the expertise to help.

  • Design and development of bespoke elearning
    The blend is about many things – Workplace activities, digital content (including videos, podcasts, infographics, assessments, PDFs) webinars, classroom sessions, action learning sets, qualifications and accreditations. Bringing together the best of our Learning Consultants, digital content design and development team, alongside City & Guilds expertise in qualifications – we can design and develop the perfect blend regardless of its purpose.

  • Internal marketing campaigns
    Get your learners engaged before the learning starts, drip feed the learning and messages via a campaign of activities. We can make even the most boring of subjects exciting. Learning campaigns are not just about communication but also about behavioural change – let’s make a difference.


How we can help

Using these steps we can help to gather, analyse, design and test the blend of your choice.

  1. Needs analysis
    Define learning objectives and target audience

  2. Define key drivers
    Is it to reduce costs, improve performance or reach more?

  3. Match content to delivery
    Each learning point/topic will be handled by a particular delivery method

  4. Check against target
    What do the different types of learners want?

  5. Assess constraints
    What are the most realistic delivery channels and what's the budget?

  6. Define blend architecture and learner
    What will the learners experience?

  7. Test, amend, document
    Check ROI, adjust the blend and produce a design

  8. Set up work
    Brief and manage the design and development process for each component in the blend


Coats blended learning case study

Coats plc set new strategic goals to increase its focus on product innovation. This made it essential for them to build leadership capabilities from within. Coats worked with us and our partner The Oxford Group to implement a global leadership program for frontline and middle managers, many of whom had never received any formal leadership training.

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