Elearning capability building

Building your own digital content takes time and consideration. At Kineo, we’ve got the experience and services to support you through the journey.

We can help you get the most out of a range of authoring tools. Work with your internal teams to identify the best tool to fit your needs. And, provide support with art direction, training, templates and development processes.

Our services

  • Tool selection
    We'll help you find the right tools for your needs, internal skillset, budget and ambitions.

  • Training

    ­­To ensure your elearning is on brand and professional, we'll create templates and guidelines to get you started.

  • Templates
    We’ll train your team to use the tool of your choice, and with our Art of Digital Learning Design programme your L&D team can get the support they need to develop digital learning content in-house.

  • Ongoing support:

    We can lend a hand with development of whole modules or just specific components, such as animations or media.


Our experience

From assisting Adobe with their showcase Captivate content to creating solutions that have won Articulate Guru and rapid elearning awards, we can provide the expertise needed to create elearning that has impact. 

Our work has included clients such as:


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