The Art of Digital Learning Design

Great learning starts with great learning design. With our Art of Digital Learning Design programme we can help you achieve exactly that.

Our video led training programme

The Art of Digital Learning Design is a video-led training programme to introduce the key principles of designing and writing digital learning resources. Whether they be elearning modules or animated presentations.

The programme helps to upskill your L&D teams to develop their own digital learning content in-house.

This structured set of 23 videos represents a total of around 2 hours of learning content, offering a thorough insight into the end-to-end design process and contains rich learning content examples. All broken down into bite-sized interventions.

The videos cover:

  • Principles and analysis
  • Scoping and design
  • Designing effective interactivity and learning sequences
  • Scripting
  • Production


Two solutions

The programme can be delivered in two ways to meet your specific needs:

A standalone set of instructional videos

  • All 23 Instructional videos.

A self-development programme

  • All 23 Instructional videos as above
  • Offline activities and example outputs for learners to use in their own time and to compare their efforts with best practice
  • Debriefing session video.

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