Defining Requirements & Training Needs Analysis

You’ve got a training need – but how big is the scope? How will you approach the programme? Do you have an abundance of learning data you need to turn into a plan?

Whether you've got lots of data to formulate a training needs analysis, but don't know where to start, or you simply need to better understand the scale of the potential project you're undertaking, we can help.

Where we can help

  • Learning programme and project definition:
    We’ll help you move from initial ideas through to a clear vision for your programme

  • Training needs analysis:
    Our Learning Consultants will support you to define the needs of your business (and your learners) to create a training plan that effectively meets those needs with effective solutions


How we can help

Working alongside your teams and subject matter experts we will:

  • Identify organisational objectives
  • Define the skills needed to meet the objectives
  • Evaluate the skills already in place
  • Include the learning already in place and map this to the required skills matrix
  • Specify the training development required to meet the training need

We will use a blend of meetings, interview techniques and data analysis to gather the data needed to define your learning needs.


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