Digital & Social Learning Strategy

Do you have new organisational developmental goals, but not sure what strategy you need to achieve them? Ready to develop a social learning community, but don’t know where to start?

Where we can help

Our expert Learning Consultants will help you develop a more strategic approach to digital and social learning.

  • Digital strategy and training planning:
    We'll work with you to understand the challenges of your learners and the readiness of your organisation, how to leverage your existing technology and how best to introduce new technology

  • Social learning strategy:
    We’ll design an approach that compliments your organisational readiness, understands how to use social learning to generate maximum learning impact, as well as emphasis on improving approach and implementation methods

  • Blended learning design:
    If you are new to the concept of 70:20:10 and need to understand the best models for your audiences, work environments and other considerations, we can design a strategy and approach that’s tailored to you

  • Deliver supportive learning and development:
    We’ll do this by helping you to define your short, medium and long term plans and we’ll support you across your elearning, LMS and learning campaigns

  • Measurable success:
    We recognise the need to provide value in learning and measure success against learning and business objectives, ensuring you deliver long-term return on investment


How we can help

Using models like MOSCOW and simple analysis steps we can help you to:

  • Map your digital requirements to your learning and development strategy, both in content and LMS
  • Define your readiness for social learning and map out the steps to build sustainable online communities
  • Establish the principles of blended learning in your organisation and outline the steps to improve the contributions to the 70:20:10 learning mix


OPG learning strategy case study

To learn more about how we have done this for an organisation please read our OPG Case Study.


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