Learning Campaigns & Marketing Approaches

Want to improve performance? You need to start with awareness.

We've worked with many clients on campaign-based approaches to behaviour change. Our Awareness Campaigns make sure your learning has reach and makes a lasting impact.

Changing behaviours

Let’s remind ourselves why we’re in the learning business - to change behaviour.

Before changing behaviour we first attract people’s attention and open them up to the potential for change. A campaign-based approach is a great way to achieve this goal.

Whilst marketing professionals spend their lives campaigning to change behaviour, learning teams generally don’t think about the role of marketing in bringing about change. We think it’s time to bring the two together. Fortunately, we’re as obsessed with marketing as we are with learning.


Where we can help

We've been a marketing-driven organisation since the beginning. We bring a wealth of experience in communicating messages to drive behaviour change.

In our campaigns we:

  • Use a range of channels and techniques to reach the target audience

  • Attract and convert prospects into advocates and believers

  • Run a campaign that responds to audience feedback and achieves measurable results

The campaign is a vital part of the learning experience, with key content, motivational messages, and expert insights all delivered through the campaign and learning experience.


How we can help

  • Designing a campaign of learning resources and assets. This might include posters, viral videos, animations, microsites, responsive web apps, webinars, emagazines, expert podcasts, social media channels and interactive PDFs. We’ll plan the themes, segmentation of target audience, how best to reach them, and the timing and execution of the plan.

  • Developing assets and resources to achieve impact. We have produced a wide range of marketing resources, using all the media formats mentioned above.

  • Managing and evaluating. Our programme team will actively manage the campaign. They’ll review the impact of the marketing through dashboards and metrics, adjusting as needed to ensure it delivers results.


Our experience

We’ve worked with some leading brands to develop learning campaigns. Here are some recent campaigns that have made a real difference:



BP blended programme

A rich campaign centred on the theme of finding ‘the voice’ that will get a strong idea embedded in an organisation. (We called it ‘finding Elvis’.) It included a multi-channel campaign with editorials and articles to promote value, testimonials from colleagues and a regular newsletter updating on new developments and successes. We created a whole community around operations essentials.

Read the full case study

The Co-operative group

This campaign included marketing through an emazagine to herald the arrival of the new Leadership Development Zone. The emagazine carried insightful content and invitations to take part in a new learning experience. Each month a new leadership theme is pushed to learners with a senior sponsor at the centre of the marketing campaign.

Read the full case study


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