LMS Support & Learning Platform Consultancy

Your LMS is not a one-hit-wonder, it’s a tool designed to create efficiency in the deployment of learning, and underpin your learning culture. This can include social learning, compliance, leadership and more. We believe your Learning Development strategy and LMS should evolve simultaneously. That’s why we’ve brought together a number of consultancy services to do just that.

Where we can help

Our LMS consultancy services include:

  • Providing site administration and advanced solution support
    Either on premise with you or sat amongst our support teams. This can be a temporary support e.g. in the unexpected absence of a team member, or long-term.

  • Rolling out your strategy
    Including how we communicate the rollout of the LMS to the learners, the type of marketing and stakeholder engagement needed or simply planning your pilot through to a staggered audience deployment.

  • Developing an ongoing LMS strategy
    To underpin your annual L&D strategy. Designed to ensure you have the right functionality in place to enable your initiatives effectively.

  • Designing and curating content
    Our Learning Consultants can analyse your content structures and audience needs, and then re-design course pages, programmes and learning plans. We can also team up with one of the UX designers to establish how we make it easier for the learner to find the courses and content they’re looking for.


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