Training Impact & Evaluation

Cast your mind forwards a few months. If a colleague asked you to prove your investment in learning was good value for your money, could you? Could you present an irrefutable graph to quantify the impact on business performance? Would you like to?

The benefits of starting early

It is one thing to believe your learning programmes have made (or will make) a difference, but it’s an entirely different matter being able to prove it – quantitatively.

But do you need to prove it? Well, you could just leave it for now, and hope that either no-one asks you to do an evaluation, or that you can pull one out of the hat afterwards if required.

We recommend building evaluation into a programme from the very start. If done well, being quick off the blocks will:

  • Define your objectives
  • Improve your needs analysis
  • Enable continuous improvement of the programme
  • Create compelling arguments for further investment
  • Become an exemplar of accountability within your business
  • Impress awards judges, should you be interested in external recognition


What's included?

  • Evaluation planning
    Creating a "what to measure, how and when" step-by-step plan, informed by a highly interactive onsite brainstorming session

  • Survey design and implementation
    Drafting surveys that ask the right people the right questions, and then use effective techniques to achieve high response rates.

  • Analysis and reporting
    Taking all the available evidence to produce "value for money", "impact assessments" or "cost benefit analysis" reports that will prove both cause and effect.

  • Standardisation and benchmarking
    Here we take the lessons learned from the single-programme evaluation and create a practical framework that can be applied to all learning and development within your business into the future. This allows learning interventions to be benchmarked and compared, making evaluations even more meaningful.


Results you can trust

To ensure our evaluations are thorough and robust, we’ve partnered with the independent impact evaluation consultancy firm Boost Evaluation.

It’s never too early to start discussions about evaluation, so even if you are in the very early stages of your project, then get in touch to talk about how we can help prove to your stakeholders that their investment was money well spent.


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