Bespoke and Custom Elearning

Our bespoke elearning is custom designed specifically for your needs and tailored to your context and your audience. It can also be called custom elearning or custom courseware in some countries. Whatever the word - it's about getting it exactly right for you. 

The key is an elearning experience that feels completely authentic to your learners – created just for them. You want it on brand, and in your tone of voice. And of course, you want a great design experience that’s completely tailored to your requirements to achieve the results you care about.

Our approach

Our elearning is based on a practical approach to ensure the learning is engaging, leads to genuine knowledge transfer and improves performance in the workplace. This means:

  • Focusing on what matters
  • Making it goal-based
  • Reinforcing knowledge through lots of practice
  • Telling stories
  • Making it look (and sound) great
  • Talking learners’ language and making it real
  • Going beyond the module – sustain for change


Where we help

We have developed elearning for over 2,000 performance needs across nearly every sector and subject.

We have a great depth and width of experience in many areas including:


Nikon - Case study

Award winning elearning for Nikon's dealers and sales staff.

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BP - Case study

Award winning safety and operational elearning.

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