Interactive Video

Not sure whether video or a game-based solution is best to deliver your learning? Why choose?

Interactive video has the best of both worlds – immerse the learner in the experience using video designed by people who know elearning inside out.

What we’re doing with interactive video

In the world of online training, interactive video once meant just branching scenarios that run different clips and change the storyline according to choices made by the learner.

Now our interactive video is a richer, more immersive experience. As well as branching we include embedded hotspots that you can select to open up another element – video, animation, questions - within the big picture. And it’s all designed with elearning in mind, by experts in the Kineo team.

What are the applications?

The flexibility and features of interactive video lend themselves to plenty of engaging learning scenarios, including:

  • Role play
    watch a scenario and take actions, which affect how the scenario unfolds

  • Learning a process
    for instance, watch how to assemble a lathe and click on the action at various points to run inset videos with more detailed information

  • An assessed simulation
    click on the deliberate mistakes when they appear and gain points (or lose lives if you don’t spot them)

  • Hazard identification
    click on them when they appear and have your score tracked, with feedback and analysis on completion.

Why interactive content is great for elearning

Now we have a technology that can help us tackle a range of learning challenges with video-based simulations and reconstructions, as well as real-world and documentary footage.

Whatever the content, we can develop rich and context-based learning that enables learners to tailor the experience, apply knowledge, test themselves and make mistakes - all in a safe environment. And perhaps most important of all from the learner’s point of view, it’s engaging because it’s real-world, credible and requires their input.


An affordable choice

Interactive video doesn’t have to break the bank – the technology itself can be developed in a rapid way and can be very affordable.

Producing the video footage itself can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be – think selfie videos, animations and simulations. You can reuse existing footage or shoot a whole new dramatized set of scenarios. So it’s a solution that can flex to fit any budget. Just let us know what you need. Find out why you should choose us as your partner for your interactive video learning needs.


Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Our interactive video is designed with elearning in mind. So we’ve made sure it’s genuinely cross-platform. It will always be responsive on any device – so learners can access your video whenever and wherever they like.

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