Responsive Elearning

Dynamic elearning starts with a user-friendly design. A great user experience has traditionally meant that multiple versions of the same elearning course needed to be developed, but this has become challenging with all the different shapes and sizes of today’s devices. To solve this problem, City & Guilds Kineo co-founded Adapt, a responsive elearning framework.

Responsive web design

In 2013, City & Guilds Kineo set out to create an open source platform called Adapt. Just like with modern websites, the responsive design capabilities of Adapt enables City & Guilds Kineo to develop one version of elearning course that looks good on all devices. It also flows like the web does in that users scroll vertically – not horizontally like traditional elearning solutions.

As a founding member of Adapt, City & Guilds Kineo knows the framework inside and out. To date, Adapt has been used by multiple clients including Logitech, The Scouts Association, City & Guilds, Compass and many more. It’s already won the highest elearning honour: the Platinum Award for Best Learning Design Technology at the 2013 LearnX awards.

Intelligent multi-device design

The responsive design of Adapt makes it easy to customise the format and content dependant on the device being used so that information appears how and where you wish.

This makes the process of improving user experience much simpler as the options for customisations are seemingly endless. From removing graphics that looked stellar on a desktop but only so-so on a smartphone, to replacing text from an animation with a simpler format to improve readability – Adapt makes it easy to create versions that can look quite different on various devices in regards to style and content.


How responsive elearning works in the Adapt Framework.

We love to share: Adapt is open source

From the inception of City & Guilds Kineo, we have believed in giving back to the community and elevating the elearning industry as a whole. We did this as a co-founder of Totara, an open source elearning platform, and again when we partnered up with other industry leaders to create Adapt. Just like with Totara, Adapt is open source and is changing the industry of elearning.


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