EssentialsPlus Off-The-Shelf Elearning

It doesn't always have to be a bespoke solution - we know that. EssentialsPlus is an off-the-shelf, multi-device elearning solution developed to meet your training needs.


Elearning that's ready to go whenever and wherever

We designed EssentialsPlus with your organisation and employees in mind. The solution is available as standalone modules or as a complete off-the-shelf elearning suite. EssentialsPlus can be hosted on your existing LMS or on MyEssentialsPlus, our hosted platform powered by Totara Learn.

Built using the Adapt Learning Framework, your learners can access the off-the-shelf elearning courses on multiple devices. EssentialsPlus is commended by City & Guilds and has CPD accreditation, making it the best value and quality off-the-shelf elearning courses you can buy.

You don't have to take our word for it - have a look at Learning Light's EssentialsPlus review:

"...this learning flows and unfolds with engagement and design precision to deliver really effective and engaging learning to the potentially distracted and busy learner, and in this achievement alone the materials are judged by us to be exceptional."
- David Patterson, Learning Light


Choose the solution that's right for you

  • Compliance and Onboarding
    Get your new starters and existing staff fully compliant with industry and regulatory standards in no time with modules ranging from the Bribery Act to Health and Safety

  • Leadership and Management
    Ensure your managers and leaders are able to lead their teams effectively with elearning modules that foster effective leadership and management skills

  • Effective Trainer Development
    These modules will help your trainers, coaches and mentors develop effective training methods

  • Hospitality and Catering
    The modules within this range will upskill and refresh your employees on the risks and responsibilities associated with handling food.



Quality Off-the-Shelf Elearning Courses

EssentialsPlus provides your learners quality content that they can access anytime, anywhere. EssentialsPlus is the off-the-shelf elearning suite that offers businesses and employers:

  • Quality Assurance
    Content commended by City & Guilds, the leader in education skills, as well as CPD accreditation – you can be assured of the learning quality, backed by our seal of approval

  • Design from the leader in elearning
    Optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone – so access and engagement are top class, leading to a better learning experience

  • An on demand service
    Your learners can access their elearning courses anywhere, anytime via our hosted platform, MyEssentialsPlus – creating an efficient learning and reporting experience without the cost of a full learning management system.

  • Powered by Totara Learn
    A leading, global learning management system (LMS) and learning portal solution that has over 7 million users globally

  • Guided Revision functionality
    Provides learners with a tailored learning journey back through content they need to revise, improving compliance results and creating a better user experience

  • Accessibility standards
    Designed with ALL of your employees in mind, EssentialsPlus modules meet WCAG 2.0 'AA' Accessibility Standards