Data Protection Elearning

With the amount of personal data held by organisations dramatically increasing, it has never been more important to make sure your employees are aware of their responsibilities when handling data and the implications of the Data Protection Act.


Course Overview

Originally introduced in 1998, the Data Protection Act was established to protect an individual's personal information, ensuring that it isn't misused in any way.

We all have rights and responsibilities under the Act. In particular, individuals responsible for using data must follow the data protection principles from the moment they receive the data until the point at which it has been returned or securely destroyed.

The Act is regulated and enforced by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which maintains guidance relating to the Act. Action taken by the ICO against organisations found to be breaching the Data Protection Act include: criminal prosecution, non-criminal enforcements, and audits. The ICO can also choose to serve the data controller with a fine.

Our new 60 minute Data Protection module will give your employees an understanding of how personal data should be stored and increase their confidence in data handling.


Learner Outcomes

Once your employees have completed the module, they will be able to: 

  • Identify the basics of Data Protection
  • List different types of data
  • Follow the 8 principles of Data Protection
  • Identify the impact of breaking the Act
  • Identify exemptions within the Act.


Accredited Off-the-Shelf Elearning

Adding value for your learners, this course is certified for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and has been commended by City & Guilds. 

This course has also been reviewed by Learning Light, a leading research-led elearning company. When reviewing the Data Protection course they said:

"The benefits to an organisation in using an elearning course such as this cannot be underestimated. Yes it will evidence compliance, and yes of course it will save time and money for the organisation with its flexible design and concise and effective delivery, but it will in our view stimulate interest as this learning is real, using real people in realistic situations with a compelling narrative that will demand attention and stimulate action in the organisation."
- David Patterson, Learning Light

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