Freedom of Information Elearning

The implications of the Freedom of Information Act in the workplace can be difficult to comprehend. But there are many instances when it will be crucial for your employees to have an understanding of the law and the role that they play in helping your organisation remain compliant.


Course Overview

Introduced in the UK in 2000, the Freedom of Information Act provides individuals with the right to access information held by public authorities such as government departments, local authorities, the NHS, state schools and police forces. The Act covers any recorded information held by a public authority in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office.

The core principle of the Act is that, subject to there not being a good reason for information to remain private, the public are entitled to know about the activities of public authorities. There are approximately 120,000 requests made per year to organisations covered by the legislation. 

By the end of this 60-minute module your employees will have a better understanding of what Freedom of Information Act is and how it is applied in the workplace.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module your employees will be able to: 

  • Describe the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, and know who it applies to
  • Identify the types of information that are and are not covered by the FOI Act
  • Identify how the FOI Act affects them and your organisation
  • Outline how organisations should respond to requests
  • Identify when organisations can refuse requests.


Accredited Off-the-Shelf Elearning

Adding value for your learners, this course is certified for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and has been commended by City & Guilds. 

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