Health & Safety Elearning for Hospitality and Catering

Health and Safety is important in all workplace environments, but we know the hospitality and catering environments present a unique set of risks. In order to prepare your staff for this, we have created EssentialsPlus Health & Safety for Hospitality and Catering.


Course Overview

Most workplace risks can be avoided through management and supervision, combined with effective training for employees. Implemented properly, these elements can help to reduce costs and wasted time and effort for businesses. In addition, having these processes in place will help your organisation demonstrate to enforcement officers that you are compliant with health and safety legislation.

Our EssentialsPlus Health & Safety for Hospitality and Catering training will improve your employees' knowledge about how to handle incidents and accidents within the workplace and how to identify risks and hazards. It will also explain the roles and responsibilities that exist when working within a Hospitality and Catering environment. The module is made up of four bitesize sections; Roles and Responsibilities, Risks, Hazards and Incidents and Accidents.

The end assessment for each section consists of randomly selected multiple choice questions. If learners don’t meet the 100% pass rate, they will be taken back through the specific areas that they have struggled with using our Guided Revision functionality.


Learning Outcomes

In the Roles and Responsibilities section, your employees will be able to:

  • Outline employer’s and employees’ duties relating to health, safety and welfare at work
  • Outline the consequences for non-compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Outline the requirements for training and competence in the workplace
  • Outline the ways in which health and safety information can be communicated.

In the Risks section, your employees will be able to:

  • Define the terms hazard and risk
  • Outline the process for carrying out a risk assessment
  • Describe how risk assessment can be used to reduce accidents and ill health at work.

In the Hazards section, your employees will be able to:

  • Describe the hazards that are common to most workplaces
  • Describe how hazards can cause harm or damage to people, work processes, the workplace or the environment
  • Describe the principle of risk control hierarchy
  • List examples of risk controls for common workplace hazards.

In the Incidents and Accidents section, your employees will be able to:

  • State the common causes of workplace accidents and ill health
  • Identify the actions that might need to be taken following an incident in the workplace
  • List the arrangements that should be in place in a workplace for emergencies and first aid
  • Outline why it is important to record all incidents, accidents and ill health.


Accredited Off-the-Shelf Elearning

Adding value for your learners, this course is certified for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and has been commended by City & Guilds.

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