Elearning for Effective Trainer Development

Ensure your trainers, coaches and mentors deliver effective training programmes to your employees with our Effective Trainer Development range.

How it can help you

Having your own in-house trainers can be an extremely cost effective way of delivering training programmes to your employees, conducted by someone who really knows your business and your staff.

But not just anyone can conduct training that delivers successful results and is designed to cater for different learning styles, which is why it's essential to upskill your trainers, coaches and mentors, making sure that they deliver best practice training programmes that are cost effective for the business.

Training your managers and leaders with these skills will also help to facilitate knowledge sharing - ensuring that vital skills and information stay within your organisation.

The EssentialsPlus Effective Trainer Development modules have been developed to benefit those who train or mentor other members of staff, either internally or externally, helping to ensure that they achieve learning outcomes and maintain engagement from the individuals they work with.


What's available

Modules available within the Effective Trainer Development range are:

Modules within the Effective Trainer Development range are available individually, or as part of a wider bundle and can either be hosted on our new learning platform MyEssentialsPlus powered by Totara Learn, or loaded onto your existing SCORM enabled Learning Management System (LMS).

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