Setting Effective Targets for Learning

Want your trainers, coaches and mentors to get the most out of your employees going through training? Make sure they are encouraging ongoing development by creating effective learning objectives.


Course Overview

Done right, goal setting can be a beneficial process in helping to focus the learner's attention in the right direction and increasing motivation, ultimately making the learning objectives easier to achieve.

Setting Effective Targets is a 60 minute module which will help your coaches, trainers and mentors to understand the value of e-learning objectives and how to set them effectively.

Setting Effective Targets for Learning has been reviewed by Learning Light, a leading research-led elearning company. In their review of the course they said:

"The narrative is excellent, giving a pacey but engaging course with challenging tests and recaps as the learner progresses that are well designed to build understanding, supporting a training manager to put the models presented to good use."
- David Patterson, Learning Light


Learning Outcomes

After completing the module, your employees will be able to:

  • Describe what an effective target is
  • Identify the key features of targets and why they are used
  • Consider the use of effective targets within different stages of the learning cycle
  • Create effective targets and understand the benefits they bring to the assessor, learner and organisation, within a vocational setting
  • Maintain effective targets for you and your staff
  • Identify the benefits and drawbacks of target setting
  • Explain the importance of monitoring the progress of targets and how this is done
  • Identify why it is important to review targets regularly.


Accredited Off-the-Shelf Elearning

Adding value for your learners, this course is certified for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and has been commended by City & Guilds.

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We set targets for almost every part of our lives, it is the way we can measure our delivery against our goals.

Effective target setting is a powerful tool to motivate staff and measure success within the Learning Cycle. Target setting has an important role throughout the cycle, but how do you ensure that it is embedded?

Let’s look at the learning cycle. There are some key areas where we need to set targets and other stages where monitoring targets is more important. The initial stages of the learning cycle identify the needs of the individual and this is where you set targets.

In the planning phase, targets set form part of the professional development plan or learning plan. These targets can be identified by a manager or tutor or by the learner themselves. The targets need to be smart, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. By working with the learner to agree the targets you increase their accountability and motivation.

Throughout the delivery and assessment phase it is essential to monitor performance against the targets through effective questioning and feedback. This helps ensure that the individual or group is on track, and the learning methods are effective.

Targets are not just to monitor performance of the learner but can also be used to monitor how effective the learning programme is which may include the learning environment, materials and tutor.

In the evaluation stage targets are used to evaluate the success of the learning. Has the learner achieved their goals? As the cycle is continuous this is where the targets can be changed or new targets can be identified.


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