Extended Client Services

At Kineo we offer a range of wrap-around 'learning services' to complement our learning products. They are designed to bring peace of mind through provision of ongoing help, support and expertise in relation to your learning content, Learning Management System (LMS) and overall learning strategy.

Our Client Services team will partner with you from the moment your LMS goes live, providing the help and client support services you require to ensure the ongoing success of your online learning.

Who we are

We’re the team that supports you once your LMS and learning goes live to users. We become an extension to your business, partnering with you by providing the help and expertise required to make a success of your learning investment. We’re here to make you a hero!

At Kineo we clearly differentiate between 'product' and 'service'. As a business we design and deliver market-leading learning products backed by fully managed services, tailored to your specific requirements.

We recognise you have targets to meet and we can help you to overcome your challenges. We’re here to be your trusted workplace partner – we’re here to help you succeed.


Client Services.

Implementing a Learning Management System can be a big task – there are so many things to think about, technical details to understand and choices to be made. Near the top of the list is selecting a workplace learning partner to provide hosting, support and training services, once your new system goes live.

We believe it's all too easy to talk a good game, to simply say and write the things you think clients will want to hear, with an “unbeatable” cost line. Many organisations make decisions based on price alone and unfortunately end up failing to deliver against expectations.

This isn't how City & Guilds Kineo operates – we want you to make the right decision first time. We’re always upfront with every detail, and won’t ever make commitments we can’t keep.

You can read about the services we provide on our website, ranging from cloud hosting, to global infrastructure with multiple layers of user support. Put simply, whatever you’re requirements, we’ll work with you to make them a reality.

Why Support?

The Client Services team at City & Guilds Kineo contains a growing number of roles, working closely together to provide a true one-team experience. We offer a “relationship based service”; we do this by working closely with you, to understand your business and the challenges you face in order to provide ongoing services tailored to your needs.

We're technical experts, experienced working with high profile client. We're all about building a long lasting, genuine relationship with you; always there, dependable and ready to direct our focus and expertise, where and when it matters most. We recognise we're not the cheapest—yes, you will find cheaper partners—but we do believe we're the best, and have countless clients who claim the same of us!

The Client Services Managers are focused on getting to understand the clients business. From a client’s perspective they don’t just want to call someone up who they’ve never spoken to before, that doesn’t really take much of an interest in what and why they are doing it. They want someone who can partner with them effectively, and Client Services Managers look to the future with clients, they look at the overall strategy of what they’re doing and Clients really feel like we’re adding value because of that.

We’re lucky to have the Client Services team as a separate unit in our business that allows our customers to really be listened to.

It’s about having that trusted team on call when they need it. Being able to get that help, that first point of hand, and know that that help is based on sound experience, and something that is going to add a lot more value going forward.


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