Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate you'll likely have a lot of questions, and things you need to discuss with us before you can commit to using our services.

To help make things as easy as possible, we've compiled a list below of the questions we're most frequently asked.


Can we self-host?

Yes, you are very welcome to self-host, although it's not something we encourage. Your LMS and the surrounding hosting environment are intrinsically linked, meaning that by hosting with Kineo we're able to manage and maintain the full end-to-end system, and provide you with an optimal support service. We're experts in the design, configuration and maintenance of global hosting infrastructure, and can provide you with everything you need to ensure a secure, stable learning environment for your users.

Should you choose to self-host, we can provide you with a PAYG+ support service, as long as all the following self-host conditions can be met in full:

  • We have full 24/7/365 read/write access to all LMS files/directories
  • We have full 24/7/365 read-only access to production database(s), enabling us to run data queries for troubleshooting purposes
  • GIT version control is installed on the client-managed server(s) and linked to our code repository(ies), to ensure robust management of Change Control
  • We have assurance that no client personnel or external contractors will have facility to amend, delete or add to the LMS codebase. It's vital that we retain full Change Control
  • We have access to all LMS files/directories via industry standard software or hardware VPN (no WebEx setups etc.)

Why ‘Cloud’?

Unless you have a specific requirement for Dedicated or High Availability hardware, a Cloud instance offers two major advantages:

  • Lower price point, as the cost of hardware is spread across multiple Cloud servers
  • Cloud server resources, e.g. disc space and RAM, can be quickly scaled up or down, meaning minimal disruption for your site and its users

What about shared hosting?

We have deliberately chosen not to offer shared hosting, whereby your site shares a server operating system instance with other neighbouring clients. A shared hosting environment would not meet our standards in terms of assured resource allocation and robust data segregation.



Can you support our end users?

This is not a service we offer as standard; we’re configured as a ‘Technical Support’ desk rather than ‘Customer Service’ desk, meaning we offer Line 2 (Site Administrator support), Line 3 (fault fix) and Line 4 (complex fault fix) services.

Kineo’s clients typically manage Line 1 (end user) support themselves, normally via an internal help-desk. That said, we’ll always work to provide any support you require, so please let us know!

How do I know Engineers won’t use my Support Hours without authorisation?

We have a structure in place whereby an Engineer will only utilise a predetermined number of your Support Hours (usually no more than one) assessing a ticket before seeking your approval to continue. Please be assured we understand your need to maintain control of their usage.


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