Platform Support

All websites and web applications (such as Moodle and Totara LMS) need monitoring and regular maintenance to ensure they remain stable, secure and function with the level of efficiency that your users expect and require. Kineo's Client Services team will partner with you to ensure your LMS delivers the ongoing performance and reliability your learners expect.

In addition to maintaining the smooth operation of your LMS itself, the person you designate to manage the day-to-day administration of your site – your Named Site Administrator (NSA) – will always benefit from the on-going support and assistance of our in-house team of application experts.

Whether you have a straightforward ‘how to’ question, or require assistance resolving a complex technical problem, by purchasing a Kineo support plan you will have peace-of-mind that your expert Client Services Team will be on-hand to help.

What support plans does Kineo offer?

We recognise there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to support requirements. We also recognise that each organisation has their preferred way of managing budgets and costs.

As a result, we’ve carefully designed each of our support plans to ensure that they are fair, easy to understand and allow clients to remain in control of their support budget.


Three distinct support tiers

We provide support across three distinct tiers, to suit the level of engagement you require:


Our Core tier comprises a team of Client Services Managers, Application Engineers and DevOps Engineers, who manage an uncapped volume of client systems.

It is best suited to the support of small/medium sized systems, with low levels of customisation. As a rule of thumb, we would consider a ‘medium’ sized system as < 50K users.


Intensive teams each comprise a named Client Services Manager and at least one named Application Engineer. Each team manages a capped volume of client systems (typically just three), enabling named team members to gain a more ‘intensive’ knowledge of each client system within their care.

Intensive teams are best suited to larger, customised systems where specialist knowledge is required. This level also brings an improved SLA e.g. the option to request that all planned site maintenance is progressed out-of-hours.


A Dedicated team comprises a named Client Services Manager, a number of named DevOps and Application Engineers and access to Solutions Architects, Developers and Testers when required. Each team is dedicated to the support of just one client, so offer maximum focus for you and the on-demand needs of your business.

This model is best suited to highly customised, business-critical systems, with a large (typically international) user base, where an additional level of dedicated service is needed.


Pay As You Go in advance (PAYG+) support plan

This is a great choice if you believe you won’t require much support and want to ensure you only get charged for what you use. Whenever you raise a request for help or support, Kineo will deduct time from your remaining Support Hours balance, in 5-minute increments.

There’s no need to worry about how you will maintain control of your Support Hours spend; our online self-service dashboard makes reporting on your Support Hour usage very straightforward. Should your balance ever run low, your Client Services Manager (CSM) will simply recommend you top-up.

As well as the Support Hours component, our PAYG+ plans include a small, fixed annual service fee, to cover the administration of your account.

How can I use my Support Hours?

  • Help and support for your Named Site Administrator (NSA) – e.g. “How do I…” and “Please can you do this on my behalf…”
  • Help to ensure your LMS remains correctly configured
  • Online training sessions of up to 1 hour (please note we will also need to charge for the time taken to prepare for these)
  • Investigation and fixing of code bugs, outside site warranty period
  • Application of quarterly 'Maintenance' release updates e.g. v.1.1.x*

*You will not be charged for Maintenance release updates via Support Hours if you also purchase an accompanying Kineo Hosting plan.


Fixed Fee support plan

A Fixed Fee plan is available to clients who purchase an accompanying Kineo hosting plan, and is a great choice if you know you will require a fair amount of support and have a fixed budget to work to. Through payment of a one-off fixed fee ahead of your support term, you will get all the support you need, without any further charge.

What support is included?

  • Help and support for your Named Site Administrator (NSA) – e.g. “How do I…” and “Please can you do this on my behalf…”
  • Help to ensure your LMS remains correctly configured
  • Investigation of suspected code bugs
  • Online training sessions of up to 1 hour
  • Quarterly 'Maintenance' release updates – e.g. 1.1.x – will form part of your hosting agreement (fixed fee is not available to self-hosting clients


Support FAQs

Can you support our end users?

This is not a service we offer as standard; we’re configured as a ‘Technical Support’ desk rather than ‘Customer Service’ desk, meaning we offer Line 2 (Site Administrator support), Line 3 (fault fix) and Line 4 (complex fault fix) services.

Kineo’s clients typically manage Line 1 (end user) support themselves, normally via an internal help-desk. That said, we’ll always work to provide any support you require, so please let us know!

How do I know Engineers won’t use my Support Hours without authorisation?

We have a structure in place whereby an Engineer will only utilise a predetermined number of your Support Hours (usually no more than one) assessing a ticket before seeking your approval to continue. Please be assured we understand your need to maintain control of their usage.


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